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  • $1,500


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    (Worth 6 hours workload)

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Creative Design

Graphic Designing and Optimization

We have some of the best graphic designing tools in our workshop. Be it 3D graphic or photo imaging enhancement, we will take care of all your visual needs.
Services include : Logo Design, Corporate Identity

Multimedia Framework
Multimedia refers to not just visual effects but also audio effects. We provide and optimize our multimedia software such that your website will run smoothly with maximum efficiency. Multimedia can be achieved in the ways below:
* Macromedia Flash™ Technologies
* Animated Graphic Designing in GIF format
* Javascript Embedded Programming

Save Costs & Time!

Offshore Staffing Advantages

– The technical and creative abilities of the resources will be filtered through diligent selection.
– We maintain a pool of manpower ensuring fast deployment and replacement.
– Excellent infrastructure support including high-end PCs and servers, high-speed Internet and various ways of communication.

You want something and cannot find it? We welcome all suggestions and feedback. Drop us a message. Bulk pricing negotiable.

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Customer’s Testimonials

" Within 2 months of site launch, itpointshopdotcom ranks number 1 in this country's state on keywords related to computers, saving me hundreds in advertising costs online. Thanks"
Irfan Muhammad, itpointshop.com
" Have been using their service for 1 year and my website manage to be on the 1st page at google search! "
Alan Kwek, via-global.com
" Good response from our website. Very good impact. Just upgraded the website again. "
S K Song, sksong.com
" Thanks again for all your hard work and
we are very happy with it."
Jason Tan, soontengpoultry.com


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