What is SEO exactly?


Do you know what is SEO? Do you know how it’s work? If you don’t, let’s read about this!

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as SEO, is the one of vital aspects of marketing and also the part of online marketing approach. Anyone who is working to expand their marketing for their blog or their business, they need to know deeply about the meaning of SEO and also all the rules and ways of SEO to achieve the success.

While a successful SEO strategy isn’t an exact science, and its practice has been challenged on many fronts throughout the years, knowing the basics is still important to an effective marketing campaign.

Let’s read more information about SEO and how to incorporate it into your marketing efforts!

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

This process makes a website more visible on a search engine’s results page. To clarify, a great SEO strategy will put a company’s website at the top of the list on a Google search page, therefore increasing the likelihood that people will visit the site.

SEO strive to provide the most relevant results for a person conducting a search, In other words, SEO helps to make a search relevant to the user and can be critical in driving traffic to your site.

SEO works by searching the Internet to find text that meets certain criteria. This text is known as keywords and refers to the most important theme(s) of the website, company, or product. Scouring the online world to find keywords are why, as in the example, a search for “mug cakes” yields a result of multiple pages about mug cakes, not doughnut

Other important things that a SEO uses to rank a website include titles, headings, and links that make up the content of a website’s pages SEO also employ SEO indexing to find, digest, and store the content of a website. A SEO index refers to the set of data that’s used to base a final search result on.

The Importance of Keyword Research

Another important part of an SEO introduction is understanding the significance of keywords. We explained above that keywords are the specific words or set of words that best describe the theme or overall concept of an idea, website, business, or product.

Keywords are the words that people use when conducting a search, and should be words that are included in the content of your web page. Choosing the right keywords can help to drive traffic to your site, attract potential customers, and greatly improve your SEO ranking.

Other Importance factor

Other things to consider when developing an SEO strategy include links, titles, meta descriptions, headings, subheadings, originality of content, images and videos, and your audience. The most important thing to remember when reflecting on this SEO introduction is that one single factor will not determine SEO success; rather, SEO success is dependent upon your content as a whole.

Content greatly affects SEO. The more relevant your content, the more up-to-date the content is, and the more interesting your content is, the higher it will rank. Always plan your content in advance, have someone edit it before posting, utilize headings and subheadings, think about layout, and include pictures and or videos. Also, you should design your content and website so it’s easy to share via social media.

Reasons You NEED SEO!

Build for a sustainable long lasting digital asset
You have to work hard to see the result after a few times.

The part of your digital marketing
Implement SEO with other marketing strategies can make your business growth faster

Dominte your local market
People can find you quickly and easily.

Puts you ahead of the competition
SEO-driven web site is more likely to have more customers and make more sales, compared to website without SEO strategy.


SEO is a never-ending, ever-evolving, multidimensional science. Every SEO would love to find the magic formula that could once and for all explain how SEO works, with specific rules and concrete equations on the table.

This is how SEO works, and will continue to work, until the process is completely outsourced to AI.